Arriva apologise after golliwog displayed on local bus


The doll was similar to this example of a typical “golliwog”

ARRIVA Buses Wales have apologised after a golliwog was displayed by a bus driver on board the “1” bus in Aberystwyth.

The 15-cm high doll was placed on the ticket machine of the bus, facing passengers as they embarked.

Golliwog dolls are considered to be offensive as they represent a caricature of black people derived from the “blackface” tradition.

Over time, “golliwog” became shortened to “wog”, an offensive term for black people.

The doll was removed within 15 minutes of its presence being reported.

A spokesperson for Arriva Buses Wales said: “We would like to thank Aber Student Media for bringing this matter to our attention, as soon as we were made aware we took immediate action to remove the item from the bus.”

“We will be discussing the matter with the driver concerned and will remind all staff at the depot that personal items are not allowed in the cab area. We apologise for any offence which may have been caused.”