Nominations open for NUS UK and NUS Wales positions

NUS-logoNOMINATIONS are open for positions in the National Union of Students and National Union of Students Wales.

Positions include the six full-time officers who run NUS UK and the three full-time officers who run NUS Wales, and a number of part-time positions on the Executive Councils who support the full time officers in both organisations.

NUS elections

  • NUS UK full-time officers (6)
  • NUS UK Executive Council (15)
  • NUS UK Student Trustees (2)
  • UK Democratic Procedures Committee (4)
  • NUS Wales full-time officers (3)
  • NUS Wales Executive Committee (4)
  • Welsh Procedures Committee (3)

The positions are open to all students, who require the support of multiple other members from multiple other unions to be eligible to stand. Some positions are only open to certain classes of students – for example, the Welsh positions are only open to students studying in Wales, and the NUS Wales Women’s Officer is required to be a self-defining woman.

The majority of elections happen at the Conferences for each organisation.

Every Students’ Union in the country elects a handful of delegates to represent their Union at the NUS UK National Conference (8th-10th April). There, the delegates vote for the NUS UK positions: 6 full-time officers, 15 National Councillors known as the “Block of 15”, 3 student trustees to sit on the National Union’s Trustee Board, and 4 members of the Democratic Procedures Committee, which ensures the smooth running of Conference and the policy process. The elections for the President and Vice Presidents will be counted and announced at National Conference. Other positions will be counted and announced a week later.

Students’ Unions in Wales also elect delegates to NUS Wales Conference (13th-14th March 2013) and those delegates vote for the NUS Wales positions: 2 full-time officers, 1 person to sit alongside the NUS Wales President on the NUS UK Executive Council (NUS Wales “second place”), 4 members of the Wales National Executive Committee and 3 members of the Welsh Procedures Committee. The NUS Wales Women’s Officer is elected at the separate NUS Wales Women’s Conference on 3rd May.


Full time positions

  • President
  • Vice President (Further Education)
  • Vice President (Higher Education)
  • Vice President (Society and Citizenship)
  • Vice President (Union Development)
  • Vice President (Welfare)

Other positions

  • 15 x National Executive Council places:
    • 5 reserved for members of Further Education institutions
    • 10 open places
  • 4 x Democratic Procedures Committee places
  • 2 x Student Trustees

NUS Wales

Full time positions

  • President
  • Deputy President
  • Women’s Officer

Other positions

  • 1 x NUS Wales “second place” on NUS UK NEC. This person sits alongside the NUS Wales President  on the NUS UK Executive Council.
  • 4 x Welsh National Executive Committee places:
    • 1 reserved for women
    • 1 reserved for members of Further Education institutions
    • 2 open places
  • 3 x Welsh Procedures Committee places