Film: Breaking Dawn

THE FINAL act deserves a review of its own, as the Volturi and the Cullen ensemble face off in the middle of a field – and let’s just say the proverbial hits the fan. In the cinema, people started screaming, crying and cheering. From the trailers, we knew that there would be a fight that is not written in the book, but the events that pass before your very eyes can only be believed when they are seen. The stress of witnessing this made me want to walk out or throw up. I didn’t know what was happening or why. I can’t give any more away because fans of the book will be shocked and those who have never read it will think Twilight got hardcore overnight, but just know this: it’s worth the admission price for the last 30 minutes alone.

So, overall, what can I say? As a blockbusting film, it doesn’t look good; you get a sense that they could afford to do better in some bits, but they blew their budget on an impressive finale instead. Stephanie Meyer’s book doesn’t lend itself to in-depth character analysis and the wooden dialogue raises a few chuckles; you feel bad for the actors having to say some of the things that pass through their lips. The real gems of the film come in the introduction of the friends of the Cullens and their input, although not enough time is given to them if you ask me. In a running time of under two hours you could have easily added a few more precious moments without the audience getting restless, especially in a scene where the vampires bond over previous battle experiences. Lee Pace’s Garrett deserves a specific mention here as he delivers some scene-stealing gold; let’s just hope he gets more of a look-in in the up and coming Hobbit movies.

To sum things up: just go. Nothing about this film makes it a great movie and yet it is, its flaws and cultural phenomenon status making it a must see experience. You probably won’t admit to enjoying it, but look at it this way – it’s over, we lived through it and we didn’t come out too badly, did we? Well, maybe we’d better not answer that question.