Open letter from Greg Dash, Postgraduate Student Trustee of the Students’ Union

The following letter has been received from Greg Dash, Postgraduate Student Trustee of Aberystwyth University Students’ Union.

Greg Dash

Dear representatives of the Board of Trustees, Aberystwyth University Students’ Union,

Please accept this letter as my resignation from the position of Postgraduate Trustee in response to the recent notice given to staff at the Union. I cannot support the decision that was made by the board in my absence on the 3rd December regarding the restructure of the students union.

Prior to the 3rd, despite having discussed the restructure with both Ben Meakin and John Glasby, the redundancy of the entire Students’ Union staff was not noted. This was then agreed during a meeting that I was unable to attend whilst out of the country.

In fact, I was made aware that the decision had been put forward at 6.43pm via email, over an hour after an article was published in The Courier.

Staff at the Union have provided years of valuable service and the current strategy fails to appreciate the work of those that provide the essential backbone for services for students. In some cases, staff members will be forced to reapply for their current job role, which will be ‘pretty much the same’. Whilst this strategy attempts to create a level playing field; it is likely to only succeed in causing undue stress to those that are most involved in the day to day running of the Union, fracturing the bonds that hold together the team behind the scenes by forcing friends and colleagues to compete against each other.

Such actions are likely to encourage some of the best people we currently have at the Union to look elsewhere for work, at a time when we need to hold on to the most valuable assets we currently have – the dedicated staff working here.

As a business strategy this is a perilous endeavor that will potentially disassemble the remaining structure that is keeping the Union together – but more importantly, it is unethical and should not be the way that a Students’ Union should operate. In addition, I recognize a growing concern over a lack of consultation with students on matters that are likely to have a significant impact on student services, and I cannot work with an institution that continues to disregard these concerns.

The Students’ Union is not an institution that I want to continue to be associated with and wish to resign my position as trustee.

Best Wishes,