Music: Of Monsters and Men

OF MONSTERS and Men have taken the radio and our unsuspecting ears by storm recently, becoming one of the big new things in the UK chart. Even so, we here in the UK are lagging behind much of the world with our gracious reception to the album My Head Is An Animal, as it previously reached number six on the Billboard Chart in the US last April. Whatever the reason for its belated debut in the UK, the album has been welcomed with open arms and MP3 players.

The music of Of Monsters and Men infuses mainstream pop-folk with a sense of campfire camaraderie. In some tracks, hearty choruses of “hey, hey, hey!” combine with the stomping of feet and the banging of drums, all coming together to form tumultuous tunes of pure enjoyment. Alternatively, there are the less upbeat tracks such as ‘Mountain Sounds’, which are brilliant at bringing a softer sound to the Icelandic voice. There is an undertone to these songs, however, that is not to be overlooked. With ‘Dirty Paws’, we hear the story of the battle between bees and birds, a real sense of just how ancient nature and the world are. The single ‘Little Talks’ is a song about insanity and loneliness, but it is both powerful and uplifting, bringing with it an epic blast of acoustic, brass, drums and simple hand claps along with the unique sound of Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir that really gets the feet tapping – just what many need out of music, and Of Monsters and Men deliver this in style.

The Icelandic squad are very good at what they do and have put together an album that is rich in voice and instrument, with 11 tracks that are all individually electrifying.

The band have been compared to the likes of Mumford and Sons, and with their new album Babel already being played across festivals around the UK, My Head Is An Animal is ready to join the throng, perfect to get the crowds going!

The husky rousing tone of the music is left in ringing in your eardrums even when the CD has stopped spinning. The album sits and awaits your return – a journey you will not tire of.