Music: Bands You Should Know But Probably Don’t


Hailing from Long Island New York, IATA broke into the scene in 2005 with their debut, self-titled album, a mix of flavors that set it a few degrees apart from other bands emerging at the time. Then, in 2011, they smashed all the windows out of the very same scene with their sophomore album (which came a dreadfully long 6 years later), Avalanche United. This was widely considered a definitive album for vocalist Vinnie Caruana (ex-The Movielife) regarding both his voice and his writing.

Why you should know them 

With anthems like ‘I’ll Be Back Around’ and ‘Gratitude’, IATA has this infectious ability to get into your head with their nonstop raw, honest sound. If you’re looking for a band that doesn’t just churn out break up songs, then give them a solid listen.  Also, seeing them live is sometimes difficult as they sell out their small-venue shows easily, igniting the entire crowd the instant they walk onstage in both the US and UK. Plus, Vinnie is a rabid Liverpool fan.


Listen & Forgive, the late 2011 release from Transit, consists of 12 mellow, idealistic tracks that you are sure to be mouthing as you’re walking back up the hill for lectures. said about the album: “an immediately nostalgic take on 90s emo-tainted pop-punk […] but Transit does a solid job of combining that extreme with their already-loved brand of callous punk rock,” and I couldn’t agree more with it. They’ve been around since 2006 and offer great record after great record, and this is their most impressive one yet.

Why you should know them

Their latest album never gets old, no matter how many times you play it. They love to tour small venues in the UK and are currently writing for a new record, so expect them back after the holidays at some point, and they’re always such nice guys to talk to after they play.