Future plans of Old College discussed

IT WAS ANNOUNCED in October that Aberystwyth University would be seeking formal proposals for the redevelopment of Old College. It has been proposed that the historic building will be transformed into a new “cultural quarter” for the town.

The Old College, one of the town’s most recognisable buildings, dates back to 1865 when it was first opened as a hotel. Later the founding place of Aberystwyth University, the gothic architecture has become iconic.

The plans include creating a new area for postgraduate students, which will also involve state of the art facilities for lectures. This is also combined with plans for an art gallery and exhibition space. The building will become a focus for both students and the local community alike.

With Aberystwyth being targeted for regeneration by the Welsh Government, up to £10.3m could be available to reinvest in projects within the town. Feasibility studies are taking place, with a £60,000 study planned to decide how the Old College and surrounding University-owned buildings could become a new centre for the University and town.

The proposals have been greeted with great anticipation with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor April McMahon, stating that “we want to provide a resource for residents and visitors as well as students and staff.”  Moreover, the Regeneration Minister, Huw Lewis AM, has welcomed the plans as an exciting step forward for the revitalisation of the town.