DIGS: Aber Town cup roundup

THE QUALIFYING round of the Aberystwyth Town cup got off to a goal-laden start with a total of 50 goals scored in the eight games that took place. This was helped in no small way by the Commodores defeating Aver Kadabra 10-0, Nick Robinson tearing them apart, hitting four goals. Prestige also thumped Pathetic Athletic 7-0 and, in an entertaining game for both sides, Abertina beat Aberzaijan 6-2, with Harry Taylor scoring an incisive finish to top off the Abertina goals.

All sides eliminated in the qualifying or first round go straight into the consolation shield, giving them another chance to compete for DIGS cup glory.

The draw for the first round was pre-determined by the fixture tree on the DIGS Facebook page. There are some good ties for the next round with Prestige taking on DIGS Stalwarts, and We Hate Ben and ATFC Lions playing LSD Eindhoven. Academic Athletic will receive a buy into the second round due to the non-registration of God Squad. The first fixtures will be taking place on the weekend of 24/25th November.

The league looks to start soon, although traditionally they have fallen victim to the rain and adverse weather of the Welsh winter.