Film: What does the Iron Man 3 trailer tell us?

EVER since a third instalment in Marvel’s Iron Man series – the most popular series of Avengers origin films – was announced, speculation has been rife as to how things would continue after the events of The Avengers. Now, Marvel have provided us with a teaser trailer. However, it seems to pose yet more questions.

The trailer starts with Tony Stark, complete with a snazzy new haircut (which I’m sure human beings the world over will approve of), telling us that ‘nothing’s the same since New York’. Presumably, fighting aliens alongside strangers in really tight trousers has an effect on a person, even Tony Stark. We’re then told that ‘there’s a hundred people who want to kill me’, alongside images of Stark’s former best friend and current fan of metal suit couture Rhodey, also known as War Machine. Not a particularly reassuring nickname under the circumstances. We’re also shown a young man who is, as of yet, unfamiliar and unnamed. Intriguing.

Throughout the trailer, things seem to get worse for everyone involved. His girlfriend, Pepper Potts, is shown being threatened by a version of Tony’s Iron Man suit, then kissed by a rather good-looking younger man, before being blown up and threatened again. Tony states that she is the ‘one thing I can’t live without’, but if this series of events is anything to go by, he might have to do just that.

Perhaps the most intriguing addition to this trailer is the presence of a man wearing one of Tony’s Iron Man designs. However, the colours of this suit are red, white and blue. Looking rather like the lovechild of Iron Man and Captain America, this would appear to be the Iron Patriot, a supervillain and arch nemesis of Stark whose role, in the comicverse, is fulfilled by Norman Osborne, who you might be more familiar with as the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man series.

There are rumours, however, that the Iron Patriot’s identity in this film may be more closely linked to fellow suit devotee War Machine. These rumours were sparked by production candids that seem to show a man who looks rather like Don Cheadle, who played Rhodey in Iron Man 2, taking off the Iron Patriot’s helmet. The photographs are incredibly blurry, however, and this could well be mere speculation.

It all goes from bad to worse as Tony’s house is blown up by a man – rumoured to be Mandarin from the comics, Iron Man’s arch nemesis and all-round very nasty man – who acquiesces that ‘some people call me a terrorist’, which is hardly ever a good sign. Is he somehow affiliated with the Iron Patriot? Why does he have a host of helicopters at his command? What’s going on?

The trailer ends with Tony, complete with Iron Man suit, plummeting downwards into the sea. Perhaps intended as a metaphor for the downfall of Iron Man, it seems to instead work as a symbolism for the inevitable descent into madness and speculation of the millions of people who are awaiting April 26th on tenterhooks.