Societies Officer resigns

ABERYSTWYTH Students’ Union Societies Officer, Dakota Dibben, resigned from his position earlier this month. It was only a few weeks into the year that Dibben made the announcement, as he felt that he “shouldn’t have stood” for the position. When contacted about his decision, Dibben declined to comment or provide a copy of his resignation speech for reference.

Elections for Societies Officer, along with the further positions of LGBT + Officer, Women’s Officer, Disabled Officer, Postgraduate Officer, Hall Representatives (Pantycelyn and PJM), Community Representatives, Postgraduate Student Trustee and NUS Wales Zone Conference will be held on 24th and 25th October 2012.

In other societies related news, several students were voted into the new Societies Executive on 28th September. The Executive is comprised of two Non-Portfolio Officers, Grace Burton (also Co-Editor of The Courier) and Luke Monday, an Events and Integration Officer, Huldah Knox-Thomas, and a Communications and Publicity Officer, Keiran Russell. It is the responsibility of the officers of the Societies Executive to ensure that all societies and their members are fairly represented and given the necessary tools to be able to achieve their goals.