Software advice for students

It can be hard to juggle being a student with little money and wanting to have some great technology. With it constantly changing these days, getting left behind can seem quite daunting. That’s why I have scoured through all of these “deals”  and found some rather useful ones.


Adobe Creative Software – 80% Student discount

We all know what Photoshop is, but it’s unlikely that you would have bought a license for any creative package – and if you have had one, it was probably from your parents or school. It’s now easier to have a go on Adobe software with an NUS card – prices suddenly drop from thousands of pounds to hundreds. Still seem too much? There’s now Creative Cloud. For ~£15/month (reduced from ~£22 for a short time) you can have the whole package. This works out at ~£190 for a year. Why so cheap? I don’t know, but I like to think of it as a good thing.


Microsoft Software – 90% Student discount

Microsoft also seem to have a deal for students – They offer “Office University” for £70, and “Visual Studio” free to any student. They also offer upgrades on operating systems (like Windows 7 home – Windows 7 Professional) at lower rates. In all honesty, it seems like a lot of their “student offers” are trying to plug downloads that are already free – like Internet Explorer, Windows Live software, etc. Still, some packages seem to offer a good deal.


Apple “Education” store – Student offers

Apple can be rather misleading. When you click onto the store and then choose “education store” and enter Aberystwyth university, the page that comes up is almost identical to the original page. I-pads are slightly cheaper and Macintosh Computers are slightly cheaper, but other items listed are exactly the same price as advertised on the original retail page. Step up, Apple. List your student deals at the top of the page if you’re not going to change all your prices to suit students. There are a few offers situated lower down the page that look like they have been placed there to sound attractive to students; like carry cases and whatnot. Thanks, Apple. – Academic Software Discounts

It’s like being pulled back into the early 2000s but there are good offers to be found here. You get to see the before and after prices and the software is up to date and useful. The only thing that scares me is the whole “enter your email address for updates” thing. Makes me feel like they want to take my bank details. Still, I’m sure it’s fine and dandy; they have a McAfee reliance GIF…