“Aberystwyth Uni Confessions” page shut down after action by Union and University

SHHHHH: The profile picture, formerly the University crest, has been replaced with this photo

A FACEBOOK page with almost 2,000 likes has been shut down after intervention by the Students’ Union and University.

The page, set up by someone using a fake Facebook account, featured stories claiming to be told by Aberystwyth students about their experiences whilst drunk.

But many of the accounts have appeared on similar Facebook pages for other universities and elsewhere on the internet.

Jess Leigh, Education Officer at the Students’ Union, described the page as “disgusting”. “Pages like this exhibit the worst of the ‘lad culture’ at universities up and down the country. A number of the posts glorified binge drinking, stupid behaviour and sexual assault.”

“I don’t want to see Aber Uni permeated by sexist laddish culture. We are better than this.”

A new Facebook page, entitled simply “Aberystwyth Confessions”, has since been set up and contains much of the same content as the first.

A spokesperson for the University said “The University notes that the site appears now to have transformed itself into the Aberystwyth Confessions.  We strongly encourage staff and students to refrain from using this site or from posting any items thereon.

“Aberystwyth University has no link with the Aberystwyth University Confessions Facebook page.  The University is seriously concerned that the nature and tone of this site could lead to the exploitation of vulnerable young people.  The behaviour described in these posts is highly offensive and, in places, clearly illegal.  Our copyright and reputation as a leading University is being seriously damaged by this site. The University has requested that it be immediately removed.”