Nominations for autumn Union elections close tomorrow

NOMINATIONS for the Union’s autumn elections close tomorrow with seven part-time officer positions available, alongside two student trustees, community and halls representatives, and delegates to the NUS Wales Zone Conference.

The part-time officer positions, which are being elected for the first time following their creation last year, are four liberation officers (officers who represent the interests of groups known in the student movement as “liberations”: women, black and ethnic minority students, disabled students and LGBT+ students), three section officers (who represent the interests of students who are generally under-represented: mature students, postgraduate students and international students).

The student trustees are elected to sit on the Union’s board of trustees, which oversees the operation of the Union. It is responsible for governance and financial oversight of the organisation. There is one place for an undergraduate and one place for a postgraduate.

The halls and community representatives are brand new this year, and will form the bulk of the new Assembly that runs the Union. Halls reps are elected for the halls (see below for a list) and represent the interests of students in their respective hall. They organise events in halls and in town, and sit on the Union Assembly, the governing body of the Union.