Reaction comes in after chief executive resignation

THE ANNOUNCEMENT today of the resignation of Geraint Edwards, Chief Executive of Aberystwyth University Students’ Union, has been met with shock by many students, former students and former officers. Andrew Tindall, writing in The Courier, says the resignation and reasons for it “present a threat to our Union’s autonomy“. Former Union presidents Ben Hallett and Jon Antoniazzi, described the news as “very disappointing” and Edwards as being “like a father figure”.

Ben Hallett said:

The students union wasn’t always an easy place to work, leading an organisation at 24 isn’t something that always comes naturally. Geraint has always been there to support sabbatical officers and I’m sure many of the people you speak to will think of him a bit like a father figure.

Without his guidance and support I wouldn’t have lasted my year as SU president and i firmly believe that he was and still is the best Chief Exec of any students Union in Wales. The union’s trustees should come out now and stick up for his fantastic achievements, the university has no place deciding who manages the students Union that is for the students and they trustees that they elect to decide.

Aber is much the poorer for his loss, I’m very proud to have called him a friend and a colleague.

Jon Antoniazzi said:

After working with Geraint for over 5 years, this is very disappointing news. He has been and will continue to be the envy of SU’s across Wales for his leadership and management style.

In my terms as President, I could count on Geraint to support the Sabbaticals and staff in delivering positive changes for students right across the University. This extended from the development of new services at the Guild to securing important concessions on the tuition fee settlement.

The Guild/Union since Geraint’s appointment in 1998 has gone through a series of revolutionary changes to meet the ever increasing challenges of reduced budgets and higher expectations. I am proud to have worked alongside Geraint through an extremely challenging period and most importantly proud to have had his advice and friendship.

On behalf of previous sabbatical teams that have worked with Geraint, I want to wish him the very best for the future.