Students rate freezing cold rooms as number one problem

A SURVEY of 500 students has found that almost half (46%) rated freezing cold rooms as their least enjoyable experience at university.

In second place was the quality of food – whether in halls or cooked by students themselves, with over a fifth saying the lack of home cooked meals made their student days miserable.

Seventeen per cent claimed that a lack of core books and reading material in university libraries was their main university annoyance, making it third in the poll. Having to do your own washing and ironing proved to be a serious irritation for nine per cent of those surveyed.

For five per cent the journey between their accommodation and university proved to be their main irritation. Finally, only two per cent of those asked named their lecturers as number one annoyance.

A spokesperson for, providers of luxury student accommodation, commented: “It is not at all uncommon for students to leave the heating off to save money. However, this is not only bad for their health but bad for the property as well.

[pullshow]“For the vast majority of students it seems like their main irritation is a lack of home comforts rather with their university or their course.

“Nevertheless, with uni fees going up, it is not surprising that students are going to expect more for their money – especially when it comes to having more resources in places such as the library.

One student who took the survey commented: “University is expensive and heating is just another cost which sometimes you can’t afford.

“One year me and my housemates kept the heating off well into December, relying purely on extra jumpers and hot water bottles.

“The cold made us all miserable, especially when one of our pipes froze and burst leaving us without heating for some of the coldest days of the year.”

Another student commented: “Hall food was absolutely dire. For most of my time in halls I had to survive on pot noodles. [pullthis]”Now I am in private rented accommodation and cooking for myself, my diet has improved dramatically – I have upgraded from pot noodles to cheese on toast.”[/pullthis]