Local elections 2012: make your voice heard!

Elections to the two councils that run Aberystwyth will be held on May 3rd this year, giving students a chance to have their say in the issues that affect them in the town and local area.

There will be elections for members of Ceredigion County Council, who are responsible for things like transport, health, rubbish collections, planning and public safety, in both Aberystwyth and the suburbs. There will also be elections for Aberystwyth Town Council for those who live in central Aberystwyth (if you live in Waunfawr or Llanbadarn, there won’t be election to those two Community Councils this time). The Town Council are responsible for more minor things like parks, bus shelters and public amenities.

If you’re a UK national or a EU or Commonwealth citizen you can vote, and you can still vote in Aberystwyth even if you’re already registered back home – you just can’t vote in more than one place in the same type of election.

If you live in University halls then you’re automatically registered to vote – you’ll receive emails about where to pick up your “poll cards” from (cards that tell you where you can go to vote).

If you’re living in private accommodation, you should have registered at the end of last year, but if you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late! You can start the process by visiting going to AboutMyVote.co.uk – but don’t hang around, as the deadline is Wednesday, 18th April. If you’re not sure whether you’re registered, or would just like to check, you can call the Council on (01545) 572033.

The Courier will be bringing you full details on who’s standing and what they’re standing for nearer the date of the election.