Aber students play Pokémon for charity

A GROUP of enterprising Aberystwyth students hope to raise thousands of pounds for charity by playing the popular video game Pokémon non-stop for 96 hours. The team, who go by the name “Full Restore”, is aiming to build on the successes of last year’s campaign, which raised £4,000 for the British Red Cross Disaster Fund.

Following the devastating Japanese tsunami of March 2011, students Ben Stevens, Kelly Jones, Josh Jordan, Alice Rourke and Philip Potter organised their first Pokémon marathon last April to aid relief efforts in the country. They are joined by Emma Bradshaw for this year’s event, which begins at 7pm on Tuesday 3rd April and concludes on Saturday 7th.

According to Full Restore, the interactive nature of the fundraiser is key to its success. The direction of play is dictated by those who donate – for example, donors are able to submit requests for character names or ask that specific Pokémon be caught.

The gameplay footage will be streamed live at fullrestore.co.uk, complemented by audio commentary from the team. Full Restore can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/fullrestore, and their Twitter is @Full_Restore.