Meakin controversially re-elected

AFTER a hectic week of campaigning on campus, Ben Meakin has been re-elected as President of Aberystwyth Guild of Students. In a controversial opening to the evening’s proceedings in the Guild, it was revealed that Meakin had overspent on his campaign, breaking electoral rules in doing so.

With a turnout of 17% of the student electorate (1729 voters), Meakin received an impressive 66% of the vote. His opponents, however, expressed disappointment with his campaign, in which he overspent by 50p, leading to a fine which took his total fines over the £10 limit, causing a deliberation amongst the Election Committee’s tribunal. After long debate, the Returning Officer decided that he would not be disqualified. Second-placed candidate James Steel said after the results were announced “having campaigned on the issues of letting students know their rights… to see the rules tonight ignored I think is wrong.”

Speaking after his victory was announced, Meakin said “I’m speechless… I’m so happy, there are so many things that I’ve got in the pipeline that I’ve now got the time to finish. A year is not enough time in this job, it’s such an intense job to be in, so it’s good to be back in a place to do it.” He went on to praise his opponents, but was unable to shed much light on his campaign overspend, saying “It’s a weird one, I dunno, scandals seem to follow me.”

In an election campaign preceded by the issue of Meakin’s actions following the Women’s Superteams event, further controversy was the last thing he needed. The losing candidates have stated their intention to appeal the Returning Officer’s decision to the Board of Trustees of the Guild.