Labour Club hit by internal split

A SENIOR figure in Aberystwyth University Labour Students has hit out at what they have described as “bullying” behaviour by a member of the Club’s committee.

They allege that another member of the Club was “invited” to leave after a disagreement over a proposed policy that the Club plan to take to the national Labour Students conference on 25th-26th February.

The allegation centres around a proposal by society members to introduce direct elections for the Labour Students national leadership.

The figure claims a “considerable” number of students have left because of the lack of campaigning and political activities, divisions and tensions in the group – and that two people have claimed that they’ve been bullied since September.

In response, the Club issued a statement that said it “regrets that this member feels this way” but that they refute the claims made.

“We obviously condemn bullying of any kind and our all time high in membership and thriving campaigning activity are a testament to the welcoming and friendly attitude of the society.”

The Club state no member has ever been asked to leave, and that although a member of the committee has resigned citing personal reasons, they remain a member of the Club.

AULS were recognised as the most active club for campaigning across Wales at Saturday’s Welsh Youth Labour Conference.