Oh, apparently we have a Glee society?

GLEE. I know. Your University has a Glee society. Bet you wish you’d worked harder on your A levels now don’t you? We all get together every Wednesday dressed as the characters and pretend we’re as cool as they are. Like **** we do. We’re a choir, and a good one at that. We had to turn down three quarters of people who auditioned this year, most of them were still fantastic singers and we still ended up with a choir of 42.

We sing a WWcappella stuff as beautifully as Queen and songs better than the original artists. Our soloists have better voices than Charlotte Church before she had a baby and started hosting chat shows and we’ve now got dancers that’d put half the Britain’s Got Talent finalists to shame. If you don’t believe us, come and be mildly disappointed but still have a good time at the Union on the 12/12/11. £3 advance, £4 on the door. 7pm. We’ll try to live up to expectations.