Guild election results: Buchanan and Diprose as first trustees

RESULTS of the elections for Student Trustees, as well as the NUS Wales Council Delegates, were announced on November 16th after a shambolic first round of voting the week before. The first round saw RON (Re-Open Nominations) missing for half the election, which led to the Returning Officer voiding the result and ordering a re-run.

Student Trustees are being brought in to sit on the Guild’s Board of Trustees – along with three external people and the Sabbatical Officers – to make sure the Guild is fulfilling its role and objectives, though they are not there to carry out Guild policy. NUS Delegates represented the Guild at the NUS Wales Council on November 17th.


The Undergraduate Trustee is to be Michael Buchanan – currently the Guild Chairperson, whilst the position of Postgraduate Trustee went to Huw Diprose. The NUS Wales Council delegates were: Shaun Bailey, Kaiesha Ceryn Page, Adam Copson & Jessica Leigh.