Fools rush in

THE Guild of Students has this month launched its “Fools Rush In” campaign to encourage Aberystwyth students to take caution over private accommodation and not to fall for the rushing tactics of the letting agents and landlords.

The campaign urges students to instead make landlords and lettings agents wait, and check 3 main points.  The first is that the property is suitable for you, and that it is safe. The second is to get contracts checked by the Student Advice and Counselling Centre, Guild sabbs or the accommodation office before signing. The final point is to try to move in with people that you will still be on good terms with after moving in, months after signing the contract.

December 5th will be the start of ‘Housing Week’, where there will be advice given to 1st year house hunters.

The Courier encourages students to raise issues over private accommodation in Aberystwyth with local councillors as part of wider campaigns by both the The Courier and the Guild to encourage students to participate in the local elections that have a significant impact on the lives of students.