Uni: £10,000 a year free advertising? Yes please! But £180 bus pass will be fine for the students

THE University was facing questions last night after it emerged that Arriva are giving the University free advertising worth £10,000 a year – but that the Uni did not challenge this year’s huge rise in the cost of the bus pass.

The revelation comes from secret documents released to The Courier under the Freedom of Information Act, which reveal that the bright yellow advertising that covers Arriva’s new double decker bus, brought in specially for the University service, would normally cost £10,000 a year – but the University are getting it for free.

Private emails published as part of our request also reveal that although University bosses did ask Arriva why the price rise was so high this year, they accepted the excuse offered without challenging it – and they didn’t ask Arriva to even consider lowering it. Instead, they had the cheek to describe it as “somewhat less attractive”.

Arriva also refused the possibility of any subsidy which the University might have offered – which had been available in previous years and was £70,000 last year – and the University accepted this without question. Questions are also being asked as to why the negotiations are handled by the Uni’s Estates Department, under their remit of “space planning” – deciding what goes where.

In their defence, the University say that they had never considered negotiating with Arriva in the past, and so didn’t this time.

Arriva declined to comment 

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