AberLINKS The First Aid Society

Aberystwyth LINKS is the Aberystwyth University St. John Cymru-Wales unit – ‘The first aid society.’ We are more commonly known around the University as AberLINKS. We were formed nine years ago and in this time we have trained hundreds of students in first aid and treated even more at various University sports events.

Most of our duties are carried out at Blaendolau playing fields next to Morrisons and at Vicarage Field on Llanbadarn Road. Duties are the lifeline of our unit, providing much needed income to the society to pay for our first aid supplies, uniform and training courses.

We are a constant feature of University sports events, covering BUCS football and rugby, as well as bi-weekly DIGS football matches. AberLINKS does not provide first aid cover exclusively to the University, however. In recent years we have had representatives at Wimbledon Tennis, Rugby games at the Millennium Stadium, the London Marathon, the Halfords cycle race and Welsh national events such as URDD and the Eisteddfod. In recent years, members have also been sent on international duties to Zambia, teaching first aid skills to police officers, teachers and children.

To be eligible to do any duty with Aberystwyth LINKS St. John Cymru-Wales, LINKS members are required to attend weekly training nights and St. John Cymru-Wales first aid courses.

At the training nights we cover anything you could possibly need to know about first aid. Topics can vary from sports injuries, CPR, burns, poisons or fractures. We frequently have guest speakers appear to offer further insight into diagnosis and treatment methods.

There is, of course, the non-first aid side to LINKS. We have an established youth team who work with the Aberystwyth Town cadet division, offering general support, advice and assistance in first aid for around 15 cadets. Additionally, LINKS is involved in the more formal side of St. John Cymru-Wales and every year we attend the Remembrance Parade and Mayor’s Parade in Aberystwyth.

Overall, AberLINKS is a society of students, as well as providing a service to our fellow students by being first on scene when something goes wrong.