Media confused about “mystery” shark

The ‘mysterious’ shark on the beach before it was moved by ‘drunk students’

Both the Daily Mail and the BBC have apparently been completely confused as to how a shark could possibly have made its way to Aberystwyth’s seafront road earlier this week.

The Daily Mail’s article, written by the same journalist who wrote the article titled “Bizarre 999 call from man who says he’s seen a UFO over his house… but it turns out to be the moon” makes much of the fact that the dead shark had been discovered near double yellow lines in Aberystwyth, the town that “famously has no traffic wardens” (Although both the University and National Library do employ staff who check parking permits).

There seems to be a simple solution to the apparently mysterious story though. Sally from Aberystwyth comments on the article: “I saw the lad who caught it. I walked past him towards constitution hill and on my way back towards the harbour he had landed it and was being asked by a group of lads to hold up his catch. I saw him holding it up to the group of lads to take photos of it.“, while Liam explains how it got onto the road: “i first encountered the shark, whilst some drunken students were throwing it across the road. this is presumably how it came to be there. it had obviously been dead for a while”