UCAC strike over pensions

Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (UCAC) the Welsh Education Union, held a strike on Wednesday 5th October outsideUCAC member on the Picket Line, Penglais Hill their office on Penglais Hill in Aberystwyth (as well as across Wales), to show their discontent at government plans for significant public sector pension cuts at the same time as contributions from members are expected to rise.  According to the Union’s leaflets, the government is planning to increase teachers’ and lecturers pension contributions by nearly 50%

The General secretary of UCAC said, in a press release:

The Government’s proposals are totally unnecessary and absolutely unfair. Asking teachers and lecturers to pay more each month, to work until they’re 68 and even then to receive smaller payments in retirement shows a lack of understanding of the nature of the profession and also a complete lack of respect to educators.

About 10 members of the union were out on the picket line, trying to attract interest from passing students heading to 9am lectures. Many passing drivers on Penglais Hill demonstrated their support.