9 men trapped in The Cambria building elevator

The Cambria Building, Aberystwyth

Approximately at 11.50pm on Monday night, 9 men were rescued by the fire department from an apparently overloaded lift in The Cambria building, Aberystwyth.

The lift, designed for 8 people and a maximum of 680kg, had become stuck halfway between the second and third floors. The inner lift doors were jammed and hanging ajar and the men could be seen from below their knees; one of them kneeling on the lift floor with his head visible. There was no room in the lift for the men to move, and very little air to breath. Blood stains could be seen on the lip and floor of the lift. According to a witness, one of those trapped had attempted to pry open the doors and had cut his hand; another appeared cut below the knee.

The fire brigade, paramedics and police were in attendance. After an ordeal lasting around 2 hours, the lift was slowly lowered, and with the broken doors pulled out of the way by a fire-fighter, the men stepped out of the lift with no serious injuries.

Blood on the door of the lift.

The men were shocked but in good spirits, appearing to have held on to each other while trapped. The emergency personnel kept in continuous contact with the men, having passed them a radio. They instructed those trapped to keep their hands and feet away from the edge while joking with them to keep their spirits up. At one point, the lift jolted downwards, with one of the trapped moving his head out of the way just in time. The men appeared to have been drinking, one of them walking out of the lift with a pint glass in hand. On exiting, the men hugged each other and were quizzed by the police.

The emergency personnel should be commended for their actions and keeping the trapped men calm and in good spirits.