FIFA may reconsider its position on goal line technology

FIFA is to hold a two stage testing process to test the reliability and suitability of new goal line technology. Having been largely opposed to the technology for many years, it is thought that England’s disallowed goal against Germany in the 2010 world cup was largely behind Sepp Blatters decision to reconsider the technology. But Blatter is insistent that before anything is introduced, it must prove it is reliable and up to the rigours of fast moving, unpredictable game play in changeable conditions.

Those companies who wish to enter the running must submit an application by the 3rd of June, with first round tests to be conducted between September and December of this year. Second round tests will be conducted between March and June next year, with the possibility that goal line technology will be used at the 2014 World cup in Brazil.

The governing body has suggested that the tests will “include more simulated match scenarios as well as other factors including: software reliability; transmission signal quality; performance under changing weather conditions as well as on different pitch surfaces.”

The findings of the tests will be presented to the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in July 2012.

The British Company that makes Hawk Eye, the system used at Wimbledon and in some cricket matches, is believed to be one of the firms applying. Hawk Eye relies on visual triangulation, using four high speed cameras to give the most probable position of the ball at any given time. It has a proven track record, having been taken on in both cricket and tennis as methods of adjudication.FIFA President