Asda wants to open food store in Aberystwyth

According to the Cambrian News, Adsa, who were previously planning to renovate Focus into one of their ‘home living’ stores have now applied for unrestricted retail use of a site near Morrisons, which suggests “they are planning to open a fully-fledged supermarket.”

“In terms of the planning consent we are confident that this will be clarified shortly and we will be making a significant investment in the store” said an Asda spokesman. However, the development may fall to the same fate as previous attempts by other supermarket chains, especially in the out-of-town location: “There’s a danger we could end up with an over abundance of food retailers out of town, which could weaken the case for development in the centre” said joint chair of Aberystwyth chamber of commerce Chris MacKenzie-Grieve, adding “If Asda are allowed this, it throws the whole rest of the area into doubt and sets a precedent for the rest of the units there. But at least the unit won’t be sitting empty and it will create jobs.”