Aberystwyth Student Media is an unincorporated association founded in 2012, and was formed by the merger of The Courier, the student newspaper, Bay Radio, the student radio station, and Aber TV (now Bay TV), the student television station.

Relationship between ASM, the Union and University

Like Aberystwyth University Students’ Union, ASM is an unincorporated association. ASM is an “affiliated society” of the Union and receives office space and services from the Union. ASM is not a part of the Union, but an independent and separate society.

ASM’s website and the costs of printing The Courier are funded through advertising, which is gathered by students. ASM remains editorially independent from the Union – the Union’s own regulations prohibit interference in editorial decisions made by student media organisations.

ASM is wholly independent from Aberystwyth University and receives no direct facilities or services from the University. The University provide internet, email and telephone services to the Students’ Union, who in turn provide them to ASM. The University, through the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, provide funding which is used as capital funding for equipment costs.

There is a Relationship Agreement between ASM and the Union, which sets out the basis of the relationship between the two.

ASM’s purpose

ASM exists to provide a platform for students to participate in the production of video, audio and textual broadcasts and publications; online, through broadcasting facilities and in printed form. ASM broadcasts and publish news, entertainment and opinions to the students and staff of Aberystwyth University and to the public at large.

In carrying out its mission, ASM:

  • Enables and promote participation in the running of the society,
  • Develops students by providing guidance and support and opportunities for professional development in the media, and
  • Encourages the development of communication, management and teamwork skills for its members

Our staff and members

ASM is an entirely student-run organisation. Our staff, who form the committee, are all students and volunteers, as are all those who contribute to our content and run our services. ASM is open to all registered students at Aberystwyth University, whether undergraduate or postgraduate.

Welsh language

ASM works closely with Yr Heriwr, the Welsh-language newspaper for Aberystwyth University. Yr Heriwr publishes textual content (such as newspapers and online articles) in Welsh, and ASM publishes textual content in English. Audio and visual content is published by ASM in the language of the creator.