The Nightmare

I could come to you darling

But the horse is watching me

Don’t call the nurse, please,

Her hair was a panther

Her shoes were wormholes

Her mouth was a mine

And the horse is watching me.


I could read to you sweetheart

But the drink won’t want me to

It growls whenever I try to stand

And steal a look at you.

I could well make a dash for it

But the horse is watching me.


Please don’t stand there crying dear

The horse is watching me

Tears have never helped you stop

The noises in my jaw

Or the barrelling black spider

Which hangs above the door.


Don’t turn into an owl again

I hate to watch you change

I’d shut my eyes and let things go

But the horse is watching me.

Tumour tumour in the brain

Now the size of a tennis ball

I’d take the chance to kiss you now

As I’ve no time at all.


But hold it dear

Don’t cuddle me

For this world isn’t safe

It thunders every night in here

With hurricanes and rain

‘Get some sleep’ they always say

But the horse is watching me.