Dream of Freedom

Somewhere high above and distant between the lights

Over there somewhere behind the stars and hope

There is a dream

A dream that does not stop, that grows that branches out

Far into infinity rather entropically

It spreads through space fading away memories and washing away all the sorrow

And somewhere far that dream becomes nearer

It comes and bites through the dry shell

It deteriorates the dirt and the trash and flows into the essence

It wakes it up again and makes it fly through new pathways

It shines upon new skies and pushes ahead the trembling corpse

Somewhere where it will be safe and taken care of

Popping knees are on the verge of combustion

But the dream keeps them going

And it drags the head and it doesn’t stop

And it wakes the heart and dreamy eyes

That are tired of reality  hurt by truth

The dream erases their tears

So the corpse and the dream

Slowly but far stumble on