Such Combinations Love Sustains – A Triumphant Performance

Forever intrigued by the work of the rising stars of this generation, I decided to accept my invitation to see The Broad-ways Theatre and Film Society’s production entitled, Such Combinations Love Sustains. This was a play revolving around the Roman gods and nymphs, focusing particularly on the rise of Cupid, the God of desire, in a time where virgins were to be sacrificed to the great God Neptune. I went in with high expectations which were irrefutably fulfilled by the end of the play.

The play not only boasts talented writing, the language used being a mixture of Shakespearean old English and modern tongue, but it also acts a platform for the new actors of this generation. I’ve always been amazed by a performer’s passion in their acting and this was highly apparent here, the actors were using the minimal staging they had been given to create their setting themselves through their gestures, expressions and mannerisms — this is theatre in its simplest but strongest form.

I for one think that the minimalistic mise-en-scene of the performance worked well in its favour, keeping with the spirit that the Shakespeare plays would have worked in. This play was presenting itself as it was — a masterfully rich perfume of old English and modern wit — rather than attempting to ‘wow’ the audience via visuals alone, something which many plays are guilty of today.

Along with a educational aspect in the depiction of the Gods, the play also contained, in my opinion, messages on sexual equality — something much welcomed in today’s times but highly controversial in the times of Shakespeare; I think the stylistic combinations of a progressive era and a restrictive one works very well in illustrating how far theatre has come in terms of diversity.

Overall, this was a highly effective and enjoyable play performed by the rising stars of Aberystwyth.