Aberystwyth Pool Society Emerges Triumphant in Welsh University Pool Championship 2018

In recent weeks, our very own Pool and Snooker society has emerged victorious from their very first attempt at the Welsh University Pool Championship held in Pontyclun. Twelve members of the society were sent to represent the university in the championship and made quite the impact with staggering results in all three events; namely, the singles, mixed doubles, and triple team event that were all strongly contested by numerous other universities.

Many of our members made their mark in the contest hall with a number of them having reached varying stages of the competition; they reached quarterfinals and semifinals alike, facing strong opponents all throughout their goal. Although we didn’t take the singles championship, we became runners-up in the mixed double event, each had our strongest players fighting in the top tiers of the tourney and gave the opponents a good game all the more.

Yet the highlight of the hardworking weekend goes to the final event, the triple team event, where Aber’s 1st team took first place and beat all the opposing triple teams in a tense, high stakes deciding frame that defeated the equally challenging opponents: Cardiff’s 1st team.

Our winning team included Kobi mates, who made semi-finalist in the singles championship, Zenan Ibrahim, runner up in the mixed doubles, and Liam Croft, top candidate for multiple local league teams

  Winning Aber 1st team; Kobi Mates, Zenan Ibrahim, and Liam Croft. Well done!

Each member had a trophy of their own as well as a massive trophy for the society, enough money to pay for an eventful weekend, and celebrated in the only way they knew how; with a cheeky trip to McDonalds, a victorious booze fuelled return to Aber, and, you’ve guessed it, even more pool. But of course, all their effort in the championship couldn’t have been made possible without the heaps of support from the society as well as the efforts of the committee members who made it all possible.


All representing members of Aber Poolsoc; Kobi Mates, Zenan Ibrahim, Liam Croft, Gwynfor Evans, Adam Norton, Kieran Miller, Jordan McCorkell, Liam Davies, Nick Morgan, Yao Zhu, Evan Fuller, and Niall Sloan.


So, what comes next? Currently, Poolsoc is competing in Tier 2 of Aberystwyth’s local league and is making some major headway within the local ranks, and with varsity just round the corner it’s going to be non-stop training for the hopeful members who wish to conquer

Varsity for a second time. But, trumping all this lies the National Championship where students are picked to represent Wales as a nation against the challenging opposition that is the UK. Although some of our members are already top picks for team material, it doesn’t exclude the other members who will undoubtedly take on the challenge of competing for national glory.

If any of you are interested in some booze fuelled trips to town, a warm welcome from a banterous community, and feel like you can play pool better than me (odds are, you can) then email us at [email protected] or come visit us during socials on Tuesdays in the SU. For more details, you can contact our ASM social secreatary Nick at nim22, Poolsoc’s social secreatary Harshil at , or follow their Facebook page for more information.