Gibbous Moon

O’ Gibbous moon of the winter night,

A slit of white in liminal twilight,

Commands the bowing winds and all

Unveiling her form like a curtain-call.

On this cold night of winter’s peek,

She perches above brother Sun, unique.


O’ Gibbous moon, keeper of sunset,

Looks down on her world with nil neglect,

A powerful placid gaze she likes to omit

While a fascinating pang the stars commit.

She lights up paths of hills and valleys

Like musical staves or long chart tallies.


O’ Gibbous moon of curious form,

A state between one cool and warm,

A companion to the desolate world she is

While brother Sun, day-hustle is his.

The night time world is quiet and content,

A passer-by is an event.


O’ Gibbous moon of winter night,

A slit of light in liminal twilight,

Turns her head to Time’s stubborn scorn

To see the fast approaching dawn.

O’ Gibbous moon of rare delight,

Goodnight, my darling, goodnight. Goodnight.