Upcoming Productions at Arad Goch

Titus Andronicus: Feb 2nd – 4th

Our story begins 70 years after a post-apocalyptic nuclear war. The late emperors sons; Saturninus, and Bassianus, are competing for the throne. Our protagonist, Titus Andronicus, is chosen by the people of Rome to be the new emperor. After 10 years at war with the Goths, Titus comes home victorious with his sons, and his prisoners; Tamora the queen of the Goths, her three sons, and her lover Aaron. After Titus sacrifices Tamora’s son, Titus and Tamora enter a vicious cycle of revenge. A play which includes 14 deaths, mutilation and an act of cannibalism is surely not to be missed!




Tension Square: Feb 9th – 11th

Knitwear designer Marigold needs to do something special, a last notable thing in her life. But it’s too late, she is ill, seriously ill, and she needs to make plans, decisions – she doesn’t want to leave her brother Jed alone, but she doesn’t want to be a burden either.

Cooped up in hospital again, for the time being, Marigold will just have to make do with her knitting, her butt-wiggling, room mate DeeDee and frequent visits from immature, beloved Jed.

And then you Alex arrives – a bloke in a women’s ward (weird), uncommunicative (weirder) and with even more puzzling injuries. Marigold has never had much liking for ‘Taggart’, but something about sad Alex makes her want to stick her nose in, and get involved. That’s if she can bypass Alex’s sweet, protextive, girlfriend Olivia, and a pain-in-the-arse nurse who is always on Marigold’s case.

Performed by the Nomadic Players


Thoroughly Modern Millie: Feb 15th – 18th

Thoroughly Modern Millie is the story of Millie Dillmount; the plucky and ambitious wannabe flapper who takes on the Big Apple in search of a rich husband but discovers all is not what it seems in the city. With her new rich friend Miss Dorothy, Millie takes in the sights, samples the moonshine and dodges the danger of New York in this light hearted, witty and jazz filled musical.

Performed by Curtain Call Muscial Theatre Society


A Clockwork Orange: March 9th-11th

A Clockwork Orange deals with themes of maturity and violence in society and asks questions like how far is too far when it comes to rehabilitation.

Performed by the Nomadic Players.

Written by Anthony Burgess

Directed by Gwynedd Price and Patrick J. Young



Golf Course War Machine: March 14th (3pm & 8pm)

Pippa is dazed, hungover and staging her own protest on the roundabout outside the Celtic Manor on the eve of the NATO summit and she’s about to trample down the fence. Golf Course War Machine is one woman’s battle to place Wales in the centre of the global map. A one woman piece – this takes Pippa on a journey from her rural Welsh mining village, to the heart of industry-choked China, through the daze of rock concerts and public protests and back to the roundabout at the Celtic Manor Resort where she will answer the question – when shall we stand up for what we truly believe in? This is a play about the legality of local politics against the face of global politics. At its centre is a story about a girl and her fight to be recognised in the world.


Golf Course War Machine is written by Chris Harris. It is being performed in Aberystwyth by Cardiff-based theatre company NO BOUNDARIES prior to shows in Cardiff, London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. NO BOUNDARIES was established in 2016 by Artistic Director Luke Hereford and associate artist, Chris Harris who are committed to the exposition of new and emerging Welsh and Wales-based artists within everything they achieve. The company’s aim is to create contemporary pieces about people, just like their audiences, allowing audiences to think and question things, whilst pushing the boundaries as much as possible.


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*Production bios were written by members of the Production Teams