The Corbin’s Winners 2016

THIS year’s Corbin’s Awards took place on the 7th May where alumni, committee, members and friends all gathered to celebrate the acheivements of ASM over the past year. The Corbin’s Awards are a great opportunity every year for everyone involved in the society to get together and celebrate the hard work everyone has done over the past year. Our Social Secretary Kim Gath organised a great night full of laughter, some tears, and fairly lengthy speeches!

Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

I’d like to say congratulations to everyone who received an award at the Corbin’s, and a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to ASM this year!

Without further adieu, the winners and runners up at The Corbin’s are as follows:


Best ASM Interview:

News Article:

Arts Article:

Lifestyle Article:


Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

Opinions Article:

Features Article:

Sports Article:

Content Team


  • Best Arts Team Member: Alex Rees
  • Runner Up: Megan Talbot


  • Best Features Team Member: Jake Foxford
  • Runner Up: John Gallagher


  • Best Lifestyle Team Member: Stacey Gaenssler
  • Runner Up: Jess Lewis

Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

Stacey Gaenssler winning Best Lifestyle Team Member [Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography]


  • Best News Team Member: Maisie O’Brien
  • Runner Up: Megan Talbot


  • Best Sports Team Member: Jake Foxford
  • Runner Up: Conner McCaffrey


  • Best Opinions Team Member: Matt Warwick
  • Runner Up: Tom Costello


  • Best Photography Team Member: Alex Tanton
  • Runner Up: Rebecca James

Bay Radio Awards

Best Daytime Show:

  • Winners: Do You Know What?
  • Runners Up: …And We’re Back
Best Talk Show:
  • Winners: Feminist Talks
  • Runners Up: Yr Awr Gymraeg

Leanne Nulty receiving the Bay Radio Award for Best Talk Show for Feminist Talks Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

Best Specialist Show:
  • Winners: The Book Club
  • Runners Up: The Sports Show
Best Bay Radio Presenter:
  • Winner: Alex Hubbard
  • Runner Up: Cassie Smyth

Bay TV Awards

Best Camera Operator:

  • Winner: Gavin Berry
  • Runner Up: Ashley Evans

Best Sound Operator:

  • Winner: Kieran Davis
  • Runner Up: Bethan Dalton

Best Producer:

  • Winner: Nick Saunders
  • Runner Up: Gavin Berry

Best Presenter:

  • Winner: Kieran Davis [Extinguisher Report]
  • Runner Up: Cassie Smyth

The Big Four

The Owain Baglow Award for Dedication to Radio:
  •  Kieran Davis and Kieran Dunbar

The Pete Le Riche Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Member of Alumni:

  • Spencer James
Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

Photo credit: Briony-Molly Photography

Most Dedicated Non Committee Member:

  • Gareth Horton

Most Dedicated Committee Member:

  • Cassie Smyth