Varsity 2016 – Aber Cheer had nothing to fear from Bangor again this year

TARANNAU Cheerleaders once again brought home the win from Bangor at Varsity this year. They finished their strong season on a high with a close win, a great atmosphere and sportsmanship, as well as a win at the Sports Awards dinner for the Steffan’s Socks photo competition.

The cheerleaders competed in two categories, Group Stunts and Tumbling. The Gruop Stunts were sectioned into All Girl Baskets, Baskets with one Boy & Baskets with up to four boys. Team Aber won all but the final baskets with the judges praising them on their stunts, “We really loved the split and you displayed great sportsmanship.”

With such a close score, the win rested on the tumbling. Tumblers Chrissi Welter and Immi Wilde flipped their way to victory against Bangor’s team of three and secured the win by o.6 of a point! The final scores were Aber-155.8, Bangor- 155.2.

Aber Cheer celebrate after their Varsity 2016 win. Credit: Aber Student Media

Aber Cheer celebrate after their Varsity 2016 win.
Credit: Aber Student Media

After all the elation we spoke to Lyana Radzif, the Cheer President:

How do you think it went?

“It was really nerve wracking. It seemed really close, and when we heard that we’d won the baskets it was down to the tumbling, and I had a good feeling about it. All the tumblers were amazing on both teams!”

Did you expect the score?

“Last year we did Pom Dance, and we beat them so they switched it to their best category. So the fact that they put their best category in and we still beat them is amazing. Even if it was close we still won!”