British Beer Pong Champion Rhodri Davies talks to ASM about his recent success

DESPITE being so laid-back he’s practically horizontal, Rhodri Norman Gaskins Davies cuts a formidable figure as I meet him for the first time since his emphatic win on the national stage. I’ve been watching him and the fledgling Aberystwyth Beer Pong Society since they started last year, and both have come on leaps and bounds from their formation. Regular tournaments and socials getting members and non-members alike involved makes them one of the most accessible clubs in the university, and Rhodri and the rest of the committee have been ever-present, getting to know members and never fazed by the big crowds they often draw.
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Unchanged by his new title, we spoke on the concourse about the recent competition and what it meant for the future…
When you started this club last year, did the thought of becoming British Champion ever cross your mind?
The society started in February of last year, and as it began to grow and we spoke with other societies I always hoped a British Championship would take place, but it never crossed my mind that I’d be British champion.
How was the competition on the day? Was the crown there for your taking or were there any challengers that made it difficult?
On the day it was a tight competition in the group stages, but I came out runaway winner without a loss. Then in the semi-finals I came back at Redemption (to sink all your opponent’s remaining cups after they sink your last cup) to win against Brandon Smith (the guy I organised the tournament with) but it was a solid tournament all round.
You competed in the singles and doubles categories, how did you get on in each?
Well, I won the singles with an undefeated record and in the doubles me and my team-mate Haydn Earle as “Raydn” lost out on the doubles title by four cups in the final, so it was quite close!
And I understand you’re a pretty big deal in British Beer Pong now as well?
As a part of the B.U.B.P.A (British Universities Beer Pong Association) that Brandon Smith (Teeside), Michael Feeney (Portsmouth) and myself founded, I am currently the Chairman! We’re working with Britpong to further the horizons of beer pong in universities.
So as British Champion, when and where is the next challenge? Europe?
My sights are set on European championships in Dusseldorf, Germany in July and possibly World Championships in Las Vegas to compete in the singles and doubles competitions.
This articles very own author was being beaten pillar to post by Davies last year. He we see he's gotten me down to one last cup and apparently stolen my legs.

This article’s very own author was being beaten pillar to post by Davies last year. Here we see he’s gotten me down to one last cup and has apparently stolen my legs.

Earlier this year you had a huge winning streak going, what are your stats like now?

This year I have only lost one game to Andrew Gibbons. I was crushed when the streak was lost, but I am still undefeated within singles competitions in any university in the country as Andrew is one of Haydn’s friends from home! But my overall university record is (247 W – 18 L) since coming to Aberystwyth September 2014.
Finally, I hear there was no trophy for you as winner! What’s being done about that?
Well as agreed with Teesside University, who have the doubles champions “Kylo Ben” (Kyle Davidson and Ben Smith), they are going to supply the doubles trophy and we will supply the singles trophy. I was looking into getting a championship belt but due to costs it would be too much, so I’m on the hunt for a huge trophy!
Oh, and I’d just like to add a thank you to Brandon Smith and Teesside University for being great hosts and starting a great tradition! Also to the Aberystwyth Beer Pong Society for a great tour and a great year!
Update: A huge trophy has been sourced!


That is a big trophy right there.

That is one big trophy right there.

All photos credited to Aberystwyth Beer Pong Society.