Space Ball – It’s going to be out of this world!

It’s here once again and this time it’s going to meet-eor and exceed all your expectations: This year’s May Ball is officially the Space Ball! Packed with as many massive acts as this article is packed with wordplay, the stars have aligned to bring Aberystwyth one of its best ever end-of-year lineups!

Want a ticket? Just click the picture and go straight to the SU website!

Want a ticket? Just click the picture and go straight to the SU website!

Headlining this year is the supernova-sized star that is DJ Fresh, as well as Everything Everything, who are Titans of the music scene right now. If you haven’t already heard it go and check out Distant Past, it’s a Nep-tune!

If you can drag yourself away from the gravitational pull of these bands, go and check out the rest of the ball, filled as densely as a neutron star with all kinds of attractions – there’s a photobooth for some sick spacey snaps, street food on the concourse if you’re in the mood for some cosmic candy floss, and for those of you who R2 cool for all of that, take a D2-our (nailed it) to the Arts Centre Cinema for a Star Wars screening!

Want an authentic ‘space’ ball experience? Give the silent disco a go! In space, no one can hear you sing! Bust out a moonwalk and fill the void on the dance floor. Throw some shapes so hot they’ll have the Mercury rising.

Want to imagine what life is like on the International Space Station, floating around the planet? We imagine it’s enclosed and dark but also exciting and full of house music. It’s essentially a Blackhouse set with more floating, so we think a night jumping around to the biggest beats this side of the asteroid belt is an evening well spent.

Often orbiting the local scene are some of Aber’s resident DJ’s and the massively talented Corbett, who will be serenading space cadets on the same night the comet of Club MTV will be passing by. With so much to see and do on the night you might have to plan-et ahead!

Summer Ball Poster Big

AND as if it wasn’t enough that you could enjoy all of this in one place, but there’s also a chance you could be going there FOR FREE! That’s right, Aber Student Media have got five pairs of tickets to Space Ball to give away! Each week for the next three weeks on Bay Radio’s Brunch On Bay morning show (listen here 11am-1pm) you could win, simply by correctly answering the question, “What is the name of the Everything Everything album that was nominated for a 2011 Mercury Prize?”

To enter tweet your answer to @bay_radio or @brunchonbay along with your name and email, and every Friday we’ll be announcing a winner. Keep your eyes on the ASM site as well; as there’ll be another two more pairs up for grabs from next week!

So throw on your space suits and galactic gowns for one last party. It’s Space Ball – The Final Frontier!