DIGS’ AC ALSOM lace up for their 12-hour charity match in aid of Scope

RAISING & Giving have been high up the agendas of many clubs and societies this year and it’s produced some brilliant events both on campus and in town. The latest addition to these fundraising ranks comes from the brilliantly named DIGS team AC A Little Silhouette Of Milan, who have taken it upon themselves to hold a 12-hour, seven-a-side football match all in the name of charity.

AC ALSOM charity graphic

AC ALSOM have been playing in the DIGS leagues for three years now and were voted Most Improved Team in last year’s end of season awards, so it’s good to see these future international football stars taking the time to do some good as well.

They also crack the occasional joke on Twitter so give them  a follow if you haven’t already. I spoke to current player Jack Hemsworth and AC ALSOM old boy Jamie Thorpe about the event to see who had the bright idea and to find out more…

Who thought a 12-hour football match was a good idea?

Jamie: A 24 hour match was suggested as a joke some time ago, but after considering it more seriously we all agreed that a long charity match would be great to do. However, 12 hours seemed a bit friendlier.

Jack: Like Jamie said, it all started as a bit of a joke, although I’m incredibly happy it’s no longer 24 hours! I don’t think my legs could take that!


It’s always good to see a club supporting a charity, why have you picked Scope?

Jamie: It is a charity that is very close to one of our player’s hearts, as his older sister was born with cerebral palsy. Scope has always been there to help and the rest of the work they do across the UK is phenomenal.


I see you’ve got your old boys coming back for this, who do you think will be walking away victorious?

Jamie: Honestly, I don’t know I’ve not seen the new boys play. I want to say the old boys ,rather biasly of course, but the new boys have been playing regularly together for the last year and will probably be a bit fitter!

Jack: The team is completely different this year compared to last, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how they compare. Last year I think we were a little more physical whislt this year we have some more technical tricky players, which might be the key as we’re playing 7 a side. But who knows what will happen over 12 hours.

The old boys will be playing the current team for Scope, the disability charity, and lifelong bragging rights.

The old boys will be playing the current team for Scope, the disability charity, and lifelong bragging rights.

Please tell me you’ve got a substitute or two?

Jamie: Yes we do, can’t imagine playing without.

Jack: I certainly hope so!


Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage recently did a marathon 5-a-side match for Sport Relief that ended 547-529; care to take a guess at your final scoreline?

Jamie: That’s pretty high but I’ll say around 250 each then. I could make a mean joke about our attackers and say it will be 0-0 but I won’t.

Jack: I’m going all in and saying 113-112 to the new boys with a last minute overhead kick from our star centre forward/centre back Rob Dawson.


When and where is the showdown taking place?

Jamie: April 16th, 7am-7pm on the 3G pitch. Any support I’m sure would greatly help our efforts.


Scope logoWhere can we donate to the cause?

Jamie: There is the open Facebook event which anyone can search for called “AC ALSOM 12 hour charity football match in aid of SCOPE“. It has a link to our online donation page (which is also here) and details of the event. Or we will have buckets to collect money around the ground during the match.

Scope itself also has a nice website which is easy to donate to and a Facebook page if you want to support it further yourself.