When Not in Rome…

… Try Bella Vita Soc!

A BRAND NEW society has started up in Aberystwyth, the Bella Vita society that’s setting out to “spread the Italian love in Aberystwyth, a big family organising and engaging all of its members in exciting and unusual events”. Their first event, an apretivo evening was a lovely success and hopefully a sign of things to come. The evening was happy, vibrant, and delicious, all things you’d imagine an Italian aperitivo should be and brimming with guests in the bottom floor of Agnelli’s, some visitors having to stand on the stairs as they enjoyed the fruits of the hosts’ labour.

The cooking team for the evening had begun work at 6pm the night prior and seemed delighted at the reception. A lot of Italian chatter went about, but the atmosphere was very much inclusive for any non-Italian speaking visitors. Not much longer after we got in touch with the host to talk about the evenings success about this new society in Aberystwyth.

So how did you think up the idea of an Italian Society?

I was already thinking of creating an Italian society last year, but the restlessness of being a fresher made me forget about it. When I met Michelangelo and others Italians we decided it would have been nice to have a society of our own.

The Aperitivo at Agnelli's

The Crowded Aperitivo at Agnelli’s (photo provided by Bella Vita Soc)

How do you feel the first aperitivo night went?


I feel the first aperitivo night went well: I was really satisfied and bewildered when I saw all those people filling up the Agnelli’s!

It was incredibly busy, were you expecting such a good turn out?

I was expecting quite few people, but not as many as they were. I am really happy that there were all these people though. I met other Italians I haven’t know before and as well other friendly people. There were also some people that weren’t even students!

What do you think made the evening such a success?

I think what made the night a success was all the love that Michelangelo and I put in organising the event. Moreover, many other friends helped us for realising this event! Many Italians brought their friends; Italian, English, Welsh or Polish that they were. The concept of love that I mean is not to be seen as the romantic side of it. I mean a friendship kind of love, that I believe was the key for the success of the night. Plus, I would also say the food we cooked and the nice wine provided by Agnelli’s contributed to the night.

What would say to someone who’s interested in the society, but isn’t familiar with anything Italian?

I would say: come and join us! we are a big family of people, not just of Italians. We want to share our love for food, culture and tradition with as many people as possible! You don’t need to be familiar with Italy or Italian culture because the purpose of the society is indeed to make you familiar with it!

What have you got lined up for this new society?

We have many plans for this society: cooking classes, other aperitivo nights, cocktail classes, trips, talks about philosophy, art and much more! Plus we want to collaborate with as many societies as possible, as Italy can be related to a various number of themes and concerns. We want every member to be involved, so we will be more than happy organize any interesting proposal for a particular event !

All in all it seems we’re set to see a lot from this great start up, so be sure to get involved and not miss out on the next aperitivo evening!