µ-Ziq releases “Aberystwyth Marine”

WHEN you have a Google News alert set for “Aberystwyth”, the standard news is about the latest footpath to suffer threats of closure (the one through Penrhyncoch FC’s ground, for the curious) or the latest achievements of the area primary schools.  What you don’t expect is a new album from veteran producer and head of Planet MU Mike Paradinas, also known as µ-Ziq.

Paradinas released Aberystwyth Marine to his Bandcamp on the 4th. It’s an album of tracks recorded between 1996 and 1998, that never saw release on former label Virgin Records. The album’s cover art features Paradinas on the seafront with the pier and the Old College in the background; the backdrop looking strikingly similar to today.

The album itself is a nice mix of peak-90s breakbeat and atmospheric, chilled-out electronica, tracks like “Ice Nine Pt 2” and the unnerving “You Could Smell It” some of the best examples. The tail end of the album still feels recent, penultimate track “Soft Pipes Play On” a highlight.

Listening in the library, looking out over the spot the picture on the album’s cover was taken, I went straight from the entertaining but abrasive Dismemberment Plan’s The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified to this; I could relax, and productivity spiked. In as much as I wrote this article after listening to it. Dissertations can wait.

Listen to Aberystwyth Marine in full below or on Bandcamp: