Deadpool chops off heads… And the power in Commodore

IN AN UNUSUAL turn of events befitting the ‘merc with the mouth’ himself, audience members were left rather confused at Thursday’s screening of Deadpool, as the power suddenly cut out towards the end of the film.

Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular anti-hero, has been showing at the Commodore Cinema since the 19th and has been drawing in steadily large crowds, with the single screen cinema nearly full despite nearly a week’s worth of showings.

After nearly an hour and forty five minutes of laughs, action and fourth-wall breaking going by, the final scene drew to a close and, with nearly perfect comedic timing, the screen suddenly went black. At first the audience started to laugh as this was assumed to be part of the ongoing self-referential nature of the film, however after nearly a minute of awkward silence people began to catch on realising that perhaps even this joke was taking a little long, even for Deadpool.

Eventually power was returned to the cinema so that those who had remained after the few minutes of unease could watch the end credits to celebrate all those who put their work into this movie.

Upon leaving the cinema, it appeared that it wasn’t only the Commodore that suffered a power outage as various houses and business within Aber, including parts of North Parade and Penglais Road, were also plunged into darkness. This isn’t the first blackout Aberystwyth has suffered this month, and we are waiting on more information and will keep you updated.i;sengsearg