Antarctic glacier named after Aberystwyth University glaciologist

PROFESSOR Neil Glasser of the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University has recently had an Antarctic glacier named after him.

Photo Credit: Dr Bethan Davies

Photo Credit: Dr Bethan Davies

The Glasser Glacier measures around 1500m long and 300m wide. It is located on James Ross Island and flows westward from a large ice dome on Lachman Crags.

It marks the second Antarctic geological feature to be named after an Aberystwyth academic, with Hambrey Cliffs being named after the former director of the Centre of Glaciology at Aberystwyth. Hambrey Cliffs are also located on James Ross Island and were named after Polar Medal winner Professor Mike Hambrey.

The Antarctic Place-Names Committee named the glacier after Professor Glasser due to his “significant research on Ulu Peninsula, James Ross island and wider contributions to Antarctic and polar science.”

Professor Glasser, Director of the University’s Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology, joined Aberystwyth University in 1999 as a lecturer, and later became a Professor in 2006. In addition to this he also serves as an editor of the Journal of Glaciology and Quaternary Science Reviews.

The Glasser Glacier is to be added to the British Antarctic Territory Gazette and will be available for use on all maps, charts and in all publications.

Professor Glasser stated he felt “honoured” by the decision:

“I am really honoured to have this glacier named after me.  We spent 7 weeks on fieldwork in this area of Antarctica in 2011. On all our maps and publications it is called ‘Un-named Glacier’ but it is great to know that from now on it will be known as Glasser Glacier!”