Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Underrated

Aber Non-ValentinesTHE DAY THAT all single people dread is almost upon us.  If getting harassed for being single by your grandma at Christmas wasn’t bad enough, there is a whole day dedicated to reminding you that you are alone.

You are probably imagining yourself slumped on the couch eating cereal out of the box and watching Bridget Jones for the 7th time with mascara streaked down your face, wondering where your Mr Darcy is. Well, it’s lucky I am here to remind you of all the things that will make you realise Mr Darcy has nothing on you and you can treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. After all, it is the holiday of love and who better to love than yourself right?

Think of all the tacky Facebook posts couples will upload of their tacky teddies and tacky dates (pass us the bucket). I know you hate them as much as me, and you would much rather treat yourself to getting your nails done or buying that super cute dress you have been keeping in your online basket since Christmas. Valentine’s Day is all about treating that special someone, and there is nobody more special than you!

Also, going on a romantic weekend away somewhere with the hot guy you have fancied from the office for years has its perks, but nothing beats a weekend away with your closest girlfriend. Hoping that she is also on the single train, catch a flight to somewhere you’ve both wanted to go or book a cottage in the rural Welsh highlands for the weekend, drink six bottles of wine and complain about all the reasons partners suck and why being single is the best.

If she is unfortunately taken and hasn’t got the memo about the awesomeness of being single and you truly are alone, a relaxing spa day or road trip with your favourite women empowering playlist blasting on your way to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit is a great shout. This way you tick off a “go to” place on your bucket list AND avoid all the annoying loved up couples. It’s a WIN-WIN.

Although I did half advise you to put down the ice-cream and step away from your 4th bottle of wine, there really is nothing like spending the day on the sofa watching crappy reality TV. Valentine’s Day this year is a Sunday, which means that it is literally the perfect excuse to have a duvet day and remember that you’re still rocking the lazy Sunday look without even trying. Mr Right is missing out.

Most couples will spend the day being overly loving and sickeningly sentimental, but don’t believe all the posts you see on social media. People only post what they want you to see. Being in love with yourself is a value that most people over look. Being in the right relationship is (apparently) amazing, but loving yourself first is the ‘realisationship’ every girl needs. The realisation that you don’t need a man to make you happy, and all you truly need is yourself.