Ditch the roses and chocolates – Have a cheap and cheerful Valentine’s Day

SO VALENTINE’S Day is around the corner again and we are being bombarded with love hearts and teddy bears declaring their love to every passerby. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a load of old tosh.

Don't smile like that, BEAR. You're the problem, BEAR.

Don’t smile like that, Bear.
You’re the problem, BEAR.

Why should I have to buy my boyfriend a gift and a card on the random holiday that they commercialised to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter? Furthermore, do you big card companies realise the amount of stress you put on people who have only just started dating, the old ‘should I get them something?’ How much money should I spend? And so on until you’re angry and resent the whole day enough to crawl under the covers until the 15th.

To get to the point, there is a way around spending stupid money on a holiday you don’t actually believe in; something I have dubbed the ‘Poundland Tat Present’.

There's many questions, but Poundland is the only answer.

There’s many questions, but Poundland is the only answer.

Basically, this came about from the situation that my boyfriend and I hadn’t been dating that long and didn’t know how far to go on Valentine’s Day, so we basically set a £5 limit and everything had to be from Poundland and as tatty and corny as humanly possible (which isn’t that hard with their Valentine’s range).

Okay, fair enough; at the end you end up with a bag of stuff you will inevitably throw away, because who really wants a “Ring for Kisses” bell, but at the end of the day it’s cheap, it’s a laugh and above all it stops you taking the whole thing too seriously.

After you’ve opened your tat you can order a take-away and watch a crap film, or in my case pretty much ignore each other for the rest of the day because that’s what we usually do, and in my humblest opinion, it’s just a day like any other.