An Interview with Global Scribes

logo-emailYOU MAY HAVE noticed in our last two editions of The Courier we did a section on Global Scribes stories. In order to explain better what they’re about, we interviewed their CEO and founder, Cynthia English.

So what is the Global Scribes mission?
Global Scribes™ is a nonprofit organisation which fosters global unity by connecting youth to build cultural understanding and worldwide community through the beauty and the power of the written word and creative expression.
What has been the progress to that?
Excellent. 1/ the progress for building worldwide community: Within less than one year we became a UNESCO Club (& the UNESCO Club of the Month in December 2015!). We are expanding daily with schools, Universities and individual youths coming onboard from the USA, UK, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, India, Philippines, & South Korea.

Are we exploding overnight? No…not yet! But every day we are building.  2/ progress building cultural understanding: Through GSIM international music and broadcast radio, we have already touched lives in ways, and with opportunities, some of our global scribes never would have dreamt could happen to them…we have opened doors of possibility beyond borders.
What have been the obstacles so far?
The biggest obstacle is the same for all entrepreneurial start-ups, namely awareness, participation, funding, and gaining and keeping traction.  Fortunately, we are making steady progress; but it is still the old ‘chicken and the egg’ process. The great thing for everyone under 25 coming onboard now is that we are the foundation of an organisation we are all building together – there is something fantastic about that!
What is your favourite part of your role in Global Scribes?
Meeting all of the amazing young people who are out in this world, whom I’ve been privileged to meet. I just could not be more thrilled – there is not a doubt in my mind that the youth under 30 in this global community will unite to fix the global mess that my generation, two above me, and one below me, have created. I really believe you all are, and will continue to be, Youth Uniting Nations®.
What’s the best sense of achievement you have had so far with Global Scribes?
Hmmm… I’m not sure I’m there yet – perhaps I feel some achievement when I receive a letter from one of our Global Scribes saying how their life has been touched.

What does the short and long term future hold for Global Scribes?
Short term is continuing to build a prototype in Jordan for Global Scribes, which will be rolled out around the world. Jordan is the first country where we are building Global Scribes within middle schools, high schools and Universities, as well as collaborating with organisations, hospitals, host communities, and refugee camps; and offering not only the virtual experience, but on-the-ground experiences as well. We had our first Global Scribes Happiness MeetUp there after one of the students asked if he could meet some of the Global Scribes in other Universities – of course!

We are also just now developing our VST I, Volunteer Service Training for young people over age 18, who are full Global Scribes participants and would like to volunteer to help collaborate with organisations’ constituents and also participate with Global Scribes. Our GS Volunteers become mentors and coaches and leaders.

In the long term, our goal is for this prototype to roll out around the world. Our goal is to have Global Scribes in every country in the world. Fingers crossed! And the other is to be fully sustainable through businesses we are currently raising money to build. A computer game. A magazine. A virtual boutique. Each chic, sleek, and unique.
What would you say to anyone who wanted to get involved?
Jump in to help us build – to create global friendships and expand your cultural knowledge. We would LOVE to have you! It is you who make Global Scribes! There is so much opportunity in Global Scribes to learn and grow and experience things you always wanted to, but never had the chance… We catapult beyond rhetoric and DO! We are all just people with more similarities than differences. We are Youth Uniting Nations®. Global Scribes. Join the Movement! Contact [email protected]