LGBT evening in the Students’ Union

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This February marks the 22nd LGBT History Month, and the 11th in the UK.

LADIES, gentlemen, and those of us who don’t necessarily identify as either, Edward Jones, our LGBT+ Officer, has an idea of how to make this year’s LGBT History Month truly fun and memorable for all involved.

Originating back in 1994, LGBT History Month is celebrated in either February or October, depending on where in the world you are. Here in the UK, we celebrate it throughout the month of February. In comparison to the decades it has been celebrated for in the US, the UK has only celebrated LGBT History Month since 2005, with the help of charity Schools OUT.

LGBT History Month exists as a means to promote equality and diversity, as well as to raise awareness of the matters which affect the LGBT community as a whole.

Some of the initiatives that LGBT History Month has promoted over the past few years include increasing the visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, as well as including their histories, lives and experiences in school curricula. They also encourage schools, universities and other institutions to become safe spaces for all LGBT+ communities.

Keeping in mind the unfortunate association of the LGBT+ community as a whole with alcoholism and other negative traits, Jones is organising an open evening this Thursday the 4th of February to allow all transgender, or generally non-gender-conforming, students to come together. It will be held in the Underground of the Students’ Union building from around 7pm.

The idea behind this is to have a dry night, allowing all there to meet and socialise without feeling pressured into drinking if they aren’t comfortable doing so.

Everyone is welcome to this safe space, and we all look forward to seeing you there.