Baron Wallace talks the UK and EU in the annual DDMI lecture

ON THURSDAY 4th February the Annual Lecture of the David Davies Memorial Institute will take place. This years lecture will be given by Baron Wallace of Saltaire, titled ‘Losing the narrative: the UK and the EU’, and will see him speak on the United Kingdom’s position within the European Union.

Baron Wallace of Saltaire

Recognised as an academic specialist on European affairs, Wallace began his career as a lecturer in the Department of Government at the University of Manchester in 1966. He then took up the role of reader of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1995, and later became a professor of international relations there.

Over the last decade, Wallace has had an active role in government politics. In 2001, he was the front bench spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats on foreign affairs and continued his political career as a Government Whip in the Lords of foreign affairs during the 2010-2015 coalition government.

The speaker’s focus on the European Union falls in line with the in/out referendum forecast to happen before the end of 2017. This referendum will decide the status of the United Kingdom within the European Union and its political and economic partnership with 28 countries.

The lecture is open to the general public, faculty and students of Aberystwyth University. It will take place in the Main Hall at the Department of International Politics at 6pm.